Sydneywide Commercial Cleaning

Sydneywide Commercial Cleaning is a family owned and operated business with more than 15 years experience in the commercial cleaning sector. We believe that our steady commitment to efficiency, quality and modern cleaning methods makes us one of the best professional cleaning services around.


Sydneywide currently provide regular service to several premises including offices, cinemas, high-rise buildings, medical centres, childcare centres and many more. Regardless of the size of your site, our expert team will provide you with the same exceptional service that all our customers receive.


Because we believe that open communication is vital to a successful long-term business relationship, we provide a diary for two-way contact on a visit-to-visit basis. We also conduct regular and thorough inspections of your premises, ensuring that our service to you lives up to our own top-notch expectations.


At Sydneywide, we have high expectations of ourselves! Our objective is to employ personnel whose presentation, fitness and health, general conduct and trustworthiness reflect our own lofty standards. Our highly trained staff adhere to a tested and respected quality control program (our own) to ensure that the service you request is precisely what you receive. All of our personnel have passed rigorous security clearance and reference checks and are smartly attired in the Sydneywide uniform with Photo ID badges.


The quotes we provide are based on the allocated labour we believe is necessary to achieve a high level of service…however please notify us if you have any budgetary concerns as Sydneywide remain flexible to work within your financial budget.


Sydneywide Commercial Cleaning is fully covered by General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance, providing protection and peace of mind for our clients against claims due to loss of property or personal injuries that are the result of actions by Sydneywide personnel. For more information, please refer to our insurance policy statement

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